BlogMagazine – Free WordPress Theme Review 2021

Blog Mag is a responsive WordPress theme. It is the child theme of the Saraswati Blog. It is a simple, easy-to-use, modern and creative, user-friendly WordPress theme with color options.

The theme has some amazing features to offer to its users. It has good compatibility with all kinds of web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, etc. It is the child theme of the Saraswati Blog.

This blog and the magazine-type theme is one of the best free WordPress themes of all time for magazines.
To get better knowledge about this theme then follow some of our points.


1.What is BlogMagazine(why is it so popular)?

Basically, the blog magazine theme was made to create a blog or magazine page or website. It’s fully compatible with WordPress and many plugins to create various types of demos.

This theme is designed from the widget (special tabs accordion, Repeater) and has too many customization tools, creative design, and powerful features that can help you quickly and easily create a style to make your needs. Suitable for all kinds of magazines, news websites, personal blogs, journals, stories, and other related projects, with an emphasis on mixed media and typography.

Personalist is Responsive, the theme is highly optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms. The layout also will encourage your viewers to read all of your content and get all attention it deserves.

2.About BlogMagazine free templates.

blog magazine theme is also famous for its free templates. This free template has so many customization systems. 

This free template has header media, top header, site branding, ticker options, homepage settings, post options, page option, archive option, blog/homepage options, search page options, 404 options, social icons, Breadcrumbs, footer main, footer bottom, theme color options, categories color option, background image options, website layout options, image settings, and widgets 8. 


3. About BlogMagazine premium template.

BlogMagazine also has premium service, it gives more amazing features, that can create your website more professional.

blog magazine premium features are header notice options, header colors, header typography, coming soon page(page template), visitor reactions, more stories, top footer, footer typography, footer color, global typography, heading typography, titles typography, global color option, and widgets 16.

4. Compare between BlogMagazine free and premium templates.



Features BlogMagazine BlogMagazine Pro
Support Forum Forum+email/

premium support ticket 

Header notice options
Header media
Top header
Site branding
Ticker options
Header color
Header typography 
Homepage settings
Post options
Page options
Archive options
Blog/homepage options
Search page options
404 options 
Coming soon page(page template)
Social icons
Visitor reactions 
More stories 
Top footer 
Footer main
Footer bottom
Footer typography 
Footer colors
Global typography 
Heading typography 
Titles typography 
Theme color options
Categories color options 
Global color options 
Background image options 
Website layout options 
Image settings 
Widgets 8 16


5.Exclusive features for BlogMagazine templates.

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Auto resize thumbnail image
  • Well Documentation
  • Threaded Comment
  • Optimize SEO
  • Ads Ready
  • 2 Comment System (Blogger, Facebook)
  • Auto Author Image
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Custom Error 404 Page
  • Compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari)
  • Professional admin layout, helps you easily work with blog layout.


6. What makes BlogMagazine special among WordPress themes?

BlogMagazine is one of the best responsive mobile-friendly blogger themes.  

Some reasons why BlogMagazine is special :

  •  Perfect for magazine and blog sites, no doubt of it. 
  •  Eyecatching minimalistic design.
  •  “Simplicity is the best” is useful for this theme.
  •  Clean and clear interface, that can easily attract any visitor.
  •  Modern and elegant looks have creat the theme so beautiful.
  •  And last, of all its gallery-type view and 3D style give the theme the honor of masterpiece of all blog and magazine type theme and templates.


7.BlogMagazine speed test.

The speed of a website is very important because it has a huge impact on your SEO. If the speed of your website is not good then the visitor will feel annoyed to visit the website for which your bounce rate will increase and it will have a very bad effect in case of SEO, so it is very important to keep this in mind.

We will test the speed of this website with three very popular Speed ​​Test Tools and try to explain the results, in addition to the screenshot below.

One of the biggest issues of any website is the speed of the website.

If your website is slow, you can have a lot of bad effects,

We will try to talk about some of the important issues in it, such as:


1. Visitors will not want to visit your website. 

If the speed of your website is not good then the visitor will feel annoyed to use the website and he will leave your website. This has a very bad effect on SEO because it will increase your bounce rate which is a very bad thing for Google, and also for your website.

2. Unique visitors will not come 


Because of the slow speed of your website, it cannot be ranked by Google.

Since Google is the largest search engine in the world, it is impossible to get unique visitors if your website does not rank with Google. And so the speed optimization of the website is mandatory for unique visitors to come and rank Google.

3. There may be some errors on the website due to speed, some of the notable reasons we are trying to highlight:

✔ Hosting Problem.

 ✔ Image not optimized.

 ✔Third-party scripts.

 ✔ Bad plugin.

 ✔Wrong coding.

 ✔ Coding file.

 ✔ website not cache


☑️Lazy Load of Media 

☑️SSL Issue 

☑️Reduce Redirects 

☑️Browser Caching 

☑️AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) 

☑️Cleanup Database 

☑️Control Heartbeat 

☑️Reduce Image Sizes 

☑️CDN Configuration 

☑️Minify JS and CSS files 

☑️Enable G-ZIP Compression 

☑️Serve Scaled Images 

☑️Minimize External Scripts Render-Blocking JavaScript

1.Pingdom Tools: Website Speed Test

2.PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers      

3.GTmetrix | Website Performance Testing and Monitoring

8. Some bad aspects 

No matter how good things are in the world, there are good and bad things.

We will not only talk about your fiction, but in that context, we will also inform you about the bad aspects of this theme. Although so important among the good aspects

It is important to know even if you do not notice some bad aspects. This theme is only for creating bloggers, news portals, and magazine websites. Moreover, this theme will not be useful for any other website.

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