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Hueman theme is designed by Nicolas Guillaume. This theme is suitable for many kinds of websites like blogs, magazines, small businesses, schools, church, personal websites, etc. It is one of the best responsive theme.

These theme looks so beautiful while using smartphones. Website speed is the most important thing to increase your traffic, in that case, the Hueman theme helps you increase your traffic and engage your visitors.

In hueman is one of the most rated theme, around 70k+ websites are powering bye hueman theme. This Theme is tagged as “Custom colors, Custom menu, Full-width template, Three columns, Sticky post, Threaded comments, Post formats, One column, Translation ready, Custom menu, Two columns, Featured images, Left sidebar, Flexible header, Theme options, Right sidebar”.


If you want to create a clean and organized website for your blog or information website, then the Hueman responsive WordPress theme would be a perfect fit. Let’s talk over some important notes on this theme before taking any decision:-

01  . Why you should use the Hueman theme?


  • User-friendly service.

    The developers know very well to their user’s needs. It is also well known for its responsive feature, it can use almost every device such as smartphones, tablets, and also desktops.

  • A beginner can also use it very easily.

    From beginner to expert all kinds of users can easily use this theme. Because of its easy interface, a beginner who has a minimum idea in WordPress can easily use this theme undoubtedly.

  • Its price is much more affordable than other themes.

    Basically, this theme is famous for its free version. But it also has a premium version which price is more affordable than other premium themes.

  • Most users have a positive opinion about this theme.

    This is the most rated theme on in the blog/magazine category. Most of the users rated 5 stars in their reviews. Hueman theme is one of the most responsive and mobile-friendly theme, and also the super fast speed that conquers the mind of the users. In that case, all of its users give positive opinions. The user also recommended using this theme for blogs, magazines, news portals,s and so on.

  • Rich in incomparable features.

    This theme has mind-blowing features that can attract users. It has 100% high resolution, standard post style, easily can add your social links, (video, audio, image, status message, and etc )all kind of formate can easily upload your website. This theme can easily perform from high-resolution pc to low-resolution mobile phones.

  • A good competitor to the magazine WordPress theme.

    It is one of the most rated themes from, and almost every blog/magazine type theme’s competitor. There are so many blog\magazine type themes such as generate press theme, combo mag theme, super mag theme, magine theme, and etc. Hueman theme is one of their valuable competitors.

  • The free version is more like other pro version themes.

     There are so many premium blog/magazine themes, but they are not like the free version of the Hueman theme. This theme has some premium features just for free. Hueman is basically famous for its free version,

  • They are always aware of customer support.

    The developers of the Hueman theme are always active to answer any question of their users. In that case, they earn the most rated theme in They got 8 positions out of 87 items in Best magazine WP themes. And also got the Best magazine WordPress theme 18 positions out of 46 items.

  • Easy to use and simple interface.

    Unlimited primary and secondary accent colors. Change topbar, header, footer, and body background in seconds. Easily upload any media. There is no limit to how many widget sidebars you can create. Its simple and clean interface is the most attractive issue to use this theme on any user.

  • Best for affordable cost premium software.

    Hueman premium version has unlimited website activation, lifetime access to product updates, lifetime access to product support, and 15 days money-back guarantee.

  • Best for solving all problems.

    If there are any questions or problems users can ask them on the FAQ page, they will answer them shortly. It also has too many customizations options that any user can easily solve their problems, if you still have problems you can contact us on our contact page, we will give you a solution immediately.

2. Some wonderful features of Hueman:

  • High resolution.

    The sharpness of this theme is eye-catching. You cannot understand its resolution on a low-end device. The developers guarantee you 100% high resolution in this theme. However, if you have any problem with this issue you can contact us, we will solve this problem for you immediately.

  • Customizable website width.

    In the Hueman theme, you can customize how much you want your website width. By entering the admin panel of the website, you can increase or decrease the size as you wish. Many premium themes also do not have this feature, which you are getting in this free theme.  In this theme, the maximum width is 1600px. If you can’t do this you can contact us, we will fix it immediately.

  • Select font style.

    This theme has a huge collection of font styles,  you can choose which font you want to use. If you don’t like any of the fonts in their collection, you can download any font you like from Google and use it in this theme.

  • Sidebars toggle fixed-width.

    There are two sidebars in this theme, the first one is primary and the second one is secondary. The primary sidebar is always kept at a neat 300px and the secondary is 220px. Both are always rendered after the content in the code, no matter the layout.

  • Ultra-flexible layout options.

    You can customize the layout of this theme as you wish, and this feature is not available in many premium themes. You can add a total of two layouts one by one on the right and left sides. This layout is so flexible that it can enhance the layout options in any way on any device. And that’s why we call the layout of this theme Ultra Flexible Layout.

  • Features story or features slider.

    The feature story or feature slider is the thing you use to show some more poster-related link slides below your blog post. With this slider, you can attract your visitors. And it will increase the traffic to your website, which is very profitable for you. And basically, this feature is premium, and with this theme, you get it for free, which is a lot of admirable work with this theme.

  • Counting shares with integrated.

    If you want to share your blog post on social media, you need to add icons with social links, but icons are added to this theme in an impossibly beautiful way. With this theme you can not only share on social media, you can also count shares from the admin panel. And that’s a remarkable feature we have never seen. You may need to use a premium plugin from another theme to count shares, but you can get this feature for free with this theme.

  • Post formats.

    This theme will support a total of ten post formats. You can easily add a total of ten formats like video, audio, image, gallery slider, status message, link, and some more.

  • Change standard post style.

    Are you getting bored in two posts in the same row? In that case, you can post in standard style. This theme has many standard posting options.

  • Super responsive.

    This theme is very famous for its responsive features. Basically now most people watch news or a blog post on their mobile phone, and for those who don’t have a good responsive website, they won’t visit the website, and that will reduce the traffic. And this theme will respond perfectly to all devices, which will allow visitors of all devices to visit the website in comfort. And as a result, the traffic of the website will increase.

  • Limitless widget areas.

    This theme can be used to create countless widget sidebars. The widget area is important to make each page unique. These widget sidebars will also make the section of WordPress unique. Basically, this countless widget sidebar feature is a premium feature, which you get for free only in the Hueman theme. If you can’t use this feature properly, you can contact us, we will solve your problem with experienced people as soon as possible.

  • Related posts widget.

    If there are some more post links related to that post below, then visitors will visit your website more, which will increase your traffic. Many premium themes do not have this type of related post widget. To add this feature to any other theme, you need to use a premium plugin. But you are getting this awesome feature for free in this theme.

  • Add social links.

    To add a social link, you must first create a social icon. Create an inner section in WordPress and place social icons there. But next to the post on this theme, there are social icons in a very nice way, you just have to put the links. If your blog post is shared on social media, then some traffic will come to the website from there, and for this, it is very important to have social icons.

  • Footer widget columns.

    A maximum of four columns can be created in the footer widget. How many widget columns you want to put in the footer of your website is up to you. Because these widget columns can be fully customized. Our personal favorite is 4columns because it has a little space in the footer which results in a very nice response on all devices.

  • Massive styling options.

    The theme has numerous primary and secondary color options. There are also countless styling options in this theme that allow you to make your website unique in a matter of moments.

  • Ads in footer and header.

    Placing ads on your website plays a very important role to generate money. You can make money from your website by showing ads in headers and footers. A lot of money comes from websites through ads So with this theme you can show ads on your website in a very nice way in the header and footer. If you can’t show ads properly on your website then you can contact us, we will get your work done very quickly with our skilled developers.

2. Why is it so popular?

According to google Hueman theme is loads super fast and it’s 100% mobile-friendly. And it’s one of the best ratings for the blog and magazine section on More than 660 people have submitted their reviews to It’s also most downloaded in the blog and magazine section in

hueman wordpress theme

Reviews and ratings:

hueman wordpress theme

4. About Hueman free features.

Basically, the hueman theme is famous for its free features. Most of the template plugins in this theme are free. And that is what makes this theme more popular. This theme can respond nicely to any device, allowing visitors to visit longer,

which increases the website’s traffic. Almost all the features of this theme have been made free so that the theme is still running on about 2 lakh websites.

5. About Hueman premium features.

The pro version of this theme can load much faster than the free version, and it looks like an app on a mobile phone, which allows visitors to visit the website more often, increasing traffic and getting more page views. As a result, your visitors enjoy an attractive and fast-loading website.

The premium offer for this theme has two bundles, one with a year-based subscription package and the other with Lifetime. These two bundles are available on this Unlimited Website Activation, but one requires payment every year and the other only once. The year-long subscription pack provides access to product updates for one year.

On the other hand, the Lifetime subscription pack will provide access to product updates for Lifetime.


The one-year bundle will only have access to Product Support for one year. On the other hand, in the Lifetime bundle, access to this product support will be available for Lifetime. One thing in common between these two bundles is that they have a 15-day money-back guarantee.

6. Compare the free and premium features of Hueman.

hueman wordpress theme

9. Some bad aspects.


There are so many reasons that you should use this theme, but only two reasons that why you shouldn’t use Hueman.

  1. Drag and drop issue. 
  2. Inline editing issue.
  3. Almost zero images.

(With CSS and modern flat look this theme can only load 1-3 images. Also, this depends on layout choices.)

From our point of view, we will give 4 ratings out of 5 stars to Human Theme.

Here is the breakdown of our review about this theme:

hueman wordpress theme

After reviewing everything, we can say that this theme is definitely an ideal theme for

blogs and magazine-based websites.

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